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Dermalogica Skin Care

Customized, Targeted & Advanced Skin Treatments / Reiki / Lashes & Brows


Skin Consultation 

now offered virtually and in-person

Perfect option for those wanting to get on a treatment plan or make the switch to Dermalogica Products but don’t know where to begin. We will discuss your skin concerns/challenges/goals, current skin-care routine, treatment goals as well as i will make recommendations for you for treatments and homecare.

$40 20-30minutes


ProSkin30 18+under only

30-minute custom treatment for teens

Starts off with a double cleanse to ensure skin is prepped, usually a form of product exfoliation is done then the option to steam and do extractions or a deeply concentrated mask is applied while massage is done. This treatment always ends with dermal layering, toning serums moisturizer, and sun protectant. 

Recommended for anyone in their teens, learning or starting out on their skin journey. 

$65+ 30min

Image by Anna Tarazevich


45-minute custom skin treatment

Starts with a double cleanse to ensure skin is prepped, usually a form of product exfoliation is done then the option to steam and do extractions or a deeply concentrated mask is applied while massage is done. This treatment always ends with dermal layering, toning serums moisturizer, and sun protectant. 

$75+ 45min

Moisturising Hand


75-minute custom treatment

A custom treatment that begins with a double cleanse to ensure proper removal of makeup, debris, sunscreen, etc. A skin analysis is then performed. This treatment is completely tailored to your skin's needs at the time. Usually a form of exfoliation will be done with steam and extractions, next a relaxing massage is done to promote muscle memory and remove tension, a deep treatment mask typically is applied on top of concentrated serums to penetrate concentrated ingredients. Always ends with dermal layering, toning serums moisturizer and sun protectant. Some steps might be skipped or shortened depending on your unique needs at this time.

Recommended for seasonal maintenance, new clients wanting to experience a full treatment, or for those wanting to prep skin before a special event/bride before wedding. 

$115+ 75minutes



90-minute custom treatment

Like the ProSkin30 & 60 this treatment begins with a double cleanse and skin analysis.

More often than not; professional exfoliation with steam & extractions is performed,

followed up with a manual massage, deep treatment mask is applied underneath

a hydro-jelly mask, scalp & facial tool massage

finished with dermal layering to end this 90 minute treatment.

Recommended for seasonal maintenance,

great as a gift or for those wanting to prep skin before a special event/bride before wedding. 

$150+ 90minutes

Image by Janine Joles


targeted calming treatment for soothing irritation and inflammation

A often common trait among sensitive skin is a compromised skin barrier.

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) occurs when the skins protective barrier becomes compromised allowing excess moisture to evaporate from the skin. The result can include visible redness, dehydration, irritation like itching & tightness, dryness and discomfort – otherwise known as sensitive skin.

Dermalogica ProCalm skin treatment targets a wide range of sensitive skin conditions.

Begins with aromatherapy deep breathing and light pressure point near the ears and up the scalp to begin reducing anxiety & stress to promote a clear state of mind. Soothing and calming double cleansing is then performed, gentle exfoliation is done if skin can tolerate it, professional serums and masques are applied to skin to help nourish and restore the skins barrier while cooling massage tools are used on top if skin can tolerate it. A form of massage is then performed, pressure point, lymphatic clearing or scalp relief techniques are done depending on level of skins inflammation. Finished with dermal layering: calming spritz, calming serum, eye treatment, skin specific moisturizer and of course-a mineral based sunscreen.

Extractions not included in ProCalm.
125+ 60min

Friends in Spa


comprehensive treatment that works to help clear breakouts

Acne is often associated with oily skin or simply clogged pores, but any skin type even dry skin types can experience a breakout. Acne ranges from small patches of infammed skin with tiny bumps to large painful, pustule and scarring cysts. Acne isn’t one size fits all and neither are the treatments.

ProClear is the comprehensive treatment that works to help clear breakouts with a professional skin therapist assessing breakout causes/triggers while evaluating the type of breakout to then create a personalized treatment to help clear and brighten for more vibrant-looking skin.

Dermalogica ProClear skin treatment targets a wide range of breakouts, whether skin is congested with blackheads or active breakouts pro clear can help reduce and clear them.

Begins with a double cleanse, professional skincare opens and dilates pores for easier manual extractions which help remove blackheads and whiteheads. Next, a powerful 30% lactic acid skin softening resurfacer targets skin build up by boosting dead skin cell desquamation. Serum and deep treatment masque is applied and light massage tools are then used to help reduce inflammation and regulate acne bacteria. Toner, eye treatment, serums, moisturizer and of course-sunscreen are then applied. Finished up with lymphatic clearing if skin can tolerate.

135+ 60min



one way ticket to glow town

An ultra-effective result driven treatment drives vitamin c into the skin with 3x more vitamin c then leading competitors.

Begins with a double cleanse, then resurfacing with professional exfoliation is performed, Dermalogica's vitamin c concentrate is applied with a custom masque on top then cool stones are used to deepen product penetration and relax the muscles of the face. Dermal layering is done to finish off this treatment.

Great option for pregnant clients contraindicated to propowerpeel + for

those wanting to reduce pigmentation and firm skin. 

Recommended to be done in a series of 3, can be done every 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks.

$110+ 50min



reveal a brighter smoother undereye area for a refreshed glow

The delicate skin around the eyes is 10x thinner then the rest of our face.

That is why we treat the eye area with specific creams/serums.

And now.. we have a professional treatment that is targeted to this vulnerable area!

concentrated 100% pure bamboo undereye patches contains a powerful yet gentle combination of skin renewing ingredients that brighten, even and tighten.

This treatment begins with cleansing,

bamboo patches are applied with a hydrating treatment mask while massaged in.

Patches are then removed after 15min with a brightening Vitamin C serum applied then worked in with cool rollers always ending with eye cream and sunscreen.

Try alone or add to any other treatment, highly recommended to be added into the ProBrightSkin Treatment.

$55+ 30minutes

Natural Cosmetics


treatment for the often neglected neck and chest area

One hour comprehensive workout for your face!

this unique treatment combines firming, toning deep tissue facial massage with retexturizing and replenishing products for smooth skin. Starts with a double cleanse followed by chemical exfoliation, a 20-minute fascia massage is then performed on the face and neck area, and a firming mask is applied to the neck and chest area with a brightening mask on the face. Facial massage tools are used.

Finished off with serums and sunscreen! what is fascia? 

superficial fascia is connective tissue directly underneath the skin it’s what gives your skin structure and support.

the fascia carries lots of tension caused by many factors the most common one being repetitive movement.

$115+ 60min

Skin Care


effective non-invasive peels

Dermalogica believes regular resurfacing is crucial to accelerate cell turnover- so they opt for chemical peels that can be done more frequently and that are less invasive rather than those that push skin to the point of severe inflammation and possible scarring.

Fully customizable pro power peel provides bespoke peels perfectly tailored to each person’s skin needs.

Starts off with a double cleanse and skin analysis. Then skin is prepped and eyes/lips/mouth are protected with a barrier cream, peel is applied in layers with gauze using long strokes along the skin. You will be asked about sensation your feeling, once peel layers have been applied and penetrated, peel is removed with neutralizer and cool sponges. Dermal layering is applied. You will be provided a post care sheet and ultracalming products to apply. 

Recommended to be done in a series of 3-4, every 3-5 weeks.

Contraindications/Can’t Be Performed

-Cracked skin, Active-cold sores, Resurfacing procedure within last 2weeks, Botox/Injectables within past week, Accutane in past 6months, Waxed skin in last 72 hours, pregnancy and lactating, sunburned skin, use of retin-a or any other retinol products in last 48 hours, highly sensitized skin with impaired/comprised barrier. 

$120+ 45min 


Dermaplaning Treatment

brighter smoother glowing skin after one treatment

Reveal smoother, brighter & glowy skin after just one dermaplane treatment!!

By using a sterile surgical-grade scalpel blade, dead skin cells & unwanted vellus hair are gently swept off skins surface removing 3-4 weeks of dead skin cells.

Beginning with a double cleanse and skin prep with a degreasing solution/oil; dermaplaning is then performed. Active Serums are then applied with customized hydro-jelly mask while a form of massage is performed. Finished off with toner, serums, moisturizer and sun protectant.

Great before specials events, pregnant clients looking for a deeper exfoliation, sensitive skin and/or skin with broken capillaries, those looking to have a noninvasive resurfacing treatment & for men 1wk post shave.

Recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Contraindications/Can’t Be Performed if experiencing:

Inflamed active acne, are undergoing cancer treatments, epilepsy, warts, use of accutane in last 6 months, retin-a in last 48 hours or use of any other medically prescribed acne treatments.

Add on to your next ProSkin45, 75 or 90!

$135+ 60min

Pipetting Skincare Product


professional skin treatments for the back

Don’t forget about your back- back “facials” and peels are great for those suffering from back acne breakouts, clogged pores, oiliness and even scarring/hyperpigmentation.

Weather it be from the sun, ingredients we wash our clothing/sheets in, fabrics our body touches or simply genetics/hormones a back treatment can help to clear and prevent some of these conditions.

Back facials are basically the ProSkin60 but on your back, and Back peels are ProPowerPeels performed on your back. Back Facial includes extractions.

Great for summer and spring time, those planning to wear backless tops/dresses + brides.

Back Treatment $100+ 50min

Back Peel $120+ 50min

Skin Care Lotions

Add On's

level up

- Hydrating Lip $35+ - Dermaplane 80+- Cooling Contour Mask 15+- Hydro-Jelly Mask 20+- Add Extractions 20+- ProBrightSkin 60+- ProBrightEye 55+- ProFirmNeck 55+- Depuffing Eye Treatment 15+- Reiki30 35+- Reiki60 65+- Brow Wax 20+- Brow Tint 25+- Brow wax & tint 40+- Lash Tint 25+- Lip Wax 10+- Chin Wax 10+- Underarm Wax 15+- Lash Lift & Tint 100+- Lymphatic Clearing Massage 15+- Scalp Massage 15+

Eye Makeup Accessories

Lash Lift

long lashes that last, without the upkeep

A lash lift is essentially a perm for the lash hairs, it provides a lift and natural curl effect that lasts for weeks.

The lift creates a swooping effect that opens the eyes making them pop!

A lift will enhance your eyes making them look more open and awake. By adding a black tint to the lifted lashes they will appear thicker and darker.

Lasts 6-8 weeks depending on how you take care of them post lift.

$80 45min

$100 1.5hr with tint

Natural Eyebrow

Brow Lamination

a natural way of getting fuller looking brows

Brow Laminating is similar to lash lifting, as the same lifting solutions are used.

The lifting process on the eyebrows pulls the brow hairs up and sets them into place creating a fuller thicker looking brow.

Includes eye brow shaping and tint if desired for an even darker thicker looking brow.

$45+ 45min


Milia Removal

Say good-bye to stubborn milia

Milia develops when dead skin cells, keratin and/or sebum(oil) becomes trapped by skin that grows over them.

Milia are small, hard, white bumps with no inflammation(redness,irritation) present. Milia are closed with no opening, they cannot be extracted such as other breakouts like blackheads/whiteheads but instead will only go away with gentle regular exfoliation or by seeing a professional skin therapist to have them removed with a lancet (a sterile, single-use pin) that creates an opening for easy removal. Treatment includes double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extraction of milia then moisturizer & sunscreen are applied. 

$55 30min+


Bridal Glow

7 days prior to a wedding or special event!


Whether your a 9-6 months ahead or a last minute planner, have a wedding or very special event coming up.. This treatment is perfect for getting you and your skin confident and ready for the big day!! 

This skin treatment is recommended for anyone 7 DAYS PRIOR to a special event. Although, if it is your big day and you have never tried a skin treatment I do recommend coming in much sooner.

7 days prior to a special event is a perfect length of time to have your final skin treatment done.

New bridal glow includes gentle exfoliation, advanced dermaplaning, brightening, hydrating, cooling serums and masks. As well, firming, toning, lifting massage techniques are performed to increase blood flow. no extractions are performed to lessen the chance of post treatment purging.

$175+ 1.5hr 

(value $200)

Want to learn more about my services? Contact me by email!

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